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Halloween is around the corner, so today I am sharing three easy candy bag ideas for Halloween featuring a fun set called Halloween Borders. This set includes four long stamps, along with “trick or treat” and “happy halloween” stamps that you can use as borders or independently as sentiments.

I made a video that shows how to make a candy bag wallet, a candy tube wrap and a triangular candy pack using this great borders stamp set:

(If you are having problems viewing this video, please try watching it HERE on YouTube.)

 I called the first idea a “candy bag wallet”. I used a regular not so thick card stock to create a long rectangle (3″x 8.5″) that I scored three times to create two sides, a bottom and a flap.


I stamped  front and back using two long stamps from Halloween Borders stamp set, and Black Dye Ink. The sentiment that I used to stamp the flap is called  Happy Halloween. At the end, I placed  the candy inside a small clear bag and I secured it inside the wallet with a staple over the flap. Below you can see how it looks from one side:


The second idea I called it “candy tube wrap”.  First, I put five borders from Halloween Borders stamp set (including all the stamp messages) on a stamp press (you can use a large acrylic block instead). Then,  I stamped a piece of tissue paper (6″x8″) with Black Dye Ink three times diagonally. I also made a little tube from a small card stock rectangle (3″x4″), where I put a clear bag with candy inside. Then, I wrapped the roll with the tissue paper like a taco (my favorite part) and I twisted the ends. I secured the ends with a piece of curling ribbon. Quite simple but fun.


The third idea is a “triangular candy pack”. So I used the same borders from the previus idea, and I simply stamped a card stock rectangle (3.25″x5.5″) with Black Dye Ink diagonally.  I put double sided tape on the back of three of the sides of the rectangle, and then I created a tube. After that, I closed one of the openings pressing with my fingers, and then, I crimped the edge with a paper crimper (I love how it looks). To finish the candy pack, I put a couple of wrapped mini chocolates inside, and I closed the other opening in the opposite direction to create the triangular look.  Additionally, I also crimped the edge.


I know these candy packs are kind of small but remember that you can always make the packs bigger so you can put more candy inside.


As you can see,  all these ideas are super easy to make and they can also be used in any other occasions, like Valentines, or even as party favors, you name it!

Thanks for joining me today.


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