Special Friend

Hello! It’s Lucy here today, with a clean and simple birthday card for a special friend. I just love the Shy Panda, and wanted to make him the focal point on my card. So, I used the Criss Cross Stencil and applied some Soft Pool Shadow Ink with an Ink Applicator tool, creating a soft backdrop for my panda to stand against. The fading design helps lead the eye towards the panda, then onto the sentiment.


Find out how to make this card — click for complete supplies and instructions.

I always find that clean and simple designs work best for masculine cards. Oh, and see Mr Panda’s cute bow tie? That’s from the Baby Animals set. Love it. :) And the best thing – by simply switching the bow from the panda’s neck, to his ear, you have a card for a female friend instead. Yay!


Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you have a lovely day.


Black Ink Pad (AF101) Soft Pool Shadow Ink (AF146) BABY ANIMALS (CL860) TASSELS (CL861) SHY PANDA (D6088) Tide Folded Cards (PS660)
Criss Cross Stencil (SA061)

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