Mini book with new Kelly Purkey stamps!

Hi there, it’s Lisa here today with a little mini book I made using new Kelly Purkey stamps. Oh man, I just gotta tell you that I love this collection so, so much. I have been a huge fan of KP for years now — I feel like we are kindred spirits in many ways. Loves to travel? Check. Loves to take photos? Check. Donuts? Check. Good coffee? Check. J.Crew and Madewell? Check. Paris? Double check!

So, I made a little mini book all about what else? Coffee + donuts.

Love these KP stamps + dies.

Here’s the cover — in full disclosure, the labels + tabs were printed out because the stamps weren’t ready yet. But you could stamp them just the same, of course.

I love how Kelly used simple stamping with black ink in the catalog, so that was my motto for this little book. And you know what? It was really refreshing.

right where I want to be

Simple stamping really helps keep the focus on the photos and the stories that they tell.

Love these KP stamps + dies.

Coffee, vegan donut, Gather magazine and free time? Yes, please!


My husband likes to read me little bits of news, articles that he’s reading and updates on facebook friends while we’re eating breakfast. Love that little ritual. And I love these fonts. KP always picks out the best fonts, right?

Now for a peek at two pages that have no photos — just stamping. Hey, shift happens.

Shift happens.

I had intended to finish this book so we’d have it in the booth at CHA, but I just got the stamps a little while before I left. I was up late working on this and well a thousand other things, and I just couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. So I stamped “shift happens” and then wrote “(Didn’t have time to finish this before CHA.) (Darn.)

This has gotta be my fave set in the whole entire collection. Here’s a closer look at the next page:

NO comment :)

I love the NO comment. And ain’t nobody got time for that. ha!

Thanks so much for joining me today! I’d love to hear your faves. Can’t wait to play with these stamps some more. Watch for them begin arriving at your favorite local store in a few weeks, and the Hero Arts shop on February 24. Until then, just keep swimming. xo


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