Hero Arts and Kelly Purkey would like to make it easier. Meet the new line of Clearly Kelly planner stamps. With all of these products, we keep the ultimate goal of documenting life in mind. This new line has been designed to focus on helping you with those bits of your everyday life.

They’re perfect for putting into your planner. Take them on your next trip. Stamp on the go. Never forget your next appointment — even if it’s a date with a lounge chair on a beach or your favorite TV show. We’ve got a stamp for all of that.

We hope you enjoy incorporating these new Clearly Kelly stamps into your everyday life and all of your future plans.

Shop the collection below to find your favorites, then scroll down for ideas.

Follow Kelly’s adventures in eating, travel and most of all stamping here on instagram — she tags posts using the Clearly Kelly collection with #clearlykelly. Share your love for Kelly by tagging your photos with #clearlykelly too — then see them below.