Heat embossing is a fun technique that allows you to create a slightly raised image on your project. Heat embossing works great for just about anything. You can heat emboss a sentiment, an image, or an entire background for your project. You can also heat emboss solid images or outline images.

In order to heat emboss something, you will need to stamp using a specialty clear sticky ink or a slow drying ink. Hero Arts pigment inks are great for heat embossing!

Hero Arts offers embossing powders in a variety of colors, including gold, silver, copper, brass, platinum, white, sparkle and clear.

To heat emboss an image onto your project, first ink up your stamp. Stamp onto your paper and pour embossing powder on top. Embossing powder particles will stick to the wet ink on your stamped image and the rest will just fall off. Be sure to have a sheet of paper underneath to catch the excess embossing powder and pour it back into the jar. Next use your heat gun to heat the powder until it becomes shiny.


See the full selection of embossing powders, plus ideas and inspiration, in our galleries below.

Thanks to Yana Smakula for creating the Heat Embossing video.