Have a Happy Day

Hello! One of the style of cards that I like a lot are the clean and simple.  So I made one for today, featuring a pretty set called Color Layering Happy Day Flowers.


Find out how to make this card — click for complete supplies and instructions.

What I like about this style of cards is that, once you have decided the design, they are very quick to make and replicate. :) This style also embraces the use of white space, which makes your cards look clean and elegant.  For this card, I used a plain white card base, and I simply stamped the flower using two different ink colors. The sentiment was stamped on a paper strip, and I used it as a second layer over the stamped flowers. At the end, I embellished the card with a few gemstones and pearls.


Happy Day Card by Mariana Grigsby for Hero Arts

If you have not tried this style yet, I recommend you to do it. At the beginning, it can be hard trying not to use all those inks, stamps, and tools that you have, but once you understand the concept, you will love making clean and simple cards.

Thanks for joining me today!


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